In order to ensure that risk assessment is carried out accurately and properly, ONE-MEI has appointed competent personnel to carry out the requirements of its legal duties. “Competence” is judged against experience, knowledge, expertise, qualifications and training in risk assessment techniques. The QHS&E department maintains a register of qualified risk assessors.

Assessors are required to record the significant details of the risk assessment in order to demonstrate compliance with statutory requirements. Only in the most obvious and straight forward cases in which risk assessment can be easily repeated and explained will a record of the assessment be unnecessary.

Throughout the duration of the Project, risk assessment aligned to site and project requirements will be conducted when the following criteria is applicable.

  • Where an assessment of a significant risk is identified.
  • Where changes in working practices, methods, materials or working environment presents a new or increased risk of significant proportions.
  • The introduction of new or modified machinery or equipment.
  • Following an accident or near miss incident.
  • Where changes in legislation modify the original assessment. On discovery of new technology or inventions.


In order to ensure that risk assessments are carried out in a uniform and comprehensive manner, the following information is provided for consultation and advice:
  • SI 05/19 Risk Assessment Checklists – Work Equipment
  • SI 05/20 Job Safety Assessment
  • SI 05/21 Risk Assessment Checklists – Process / Activity
  • QHS&E/INF/37 Risk Assessment / Risk Management


Risk assessments will be reviewed periodically. A formal management review shall be undertaken for tasks that are deemed to represent a significant risk. In the case of identified high potential risk activities, e.g. working in a confined space, high pressure testing, a workplace assessment will be required every time these activities are carried out. Risk Assessment Review reports will be added to the Risk Assessment Schedule and Register for traceability, and issued in accordance with company procedure (Reference document - Risk Assessment – QHS&E/Inf/38).


The QHS&E Coordinator will allocate the report a unique reference number, in addition to recording the risk assessment on the Risk Assessment Schedule (DQA 859) and register. The report will be reviewed by the HSE & Training Manager, issued as detailed within section 7.1 and improvements / recommendations raised will be added to the Continuous Improvement Database (CID) for monitoring and close out.

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