Worsham Gas Storage/NGL Plant Interconnect
Scope: Installation of two Solar Saturn turbo-compressor packages, coolers, inlet scrubber, MCC, and associated piping as part of a residual gas compression project.

Deliverables: Engineering design, Equipment sizing and procurement management, sub-contracting strategies.

Pipeline Interconnection and Meter Sites
Scope: Interconnections for different pipeline companies, each with their own specifications and requirements.

Deliverables: Engineering, design and procurement assistance for five pipeline interconnection and metering sites. Maverick handled interfaces with each pipeline company for design and technical issues as well as the specific metering requirements.
Mont Belvieu Plant Expansion Study
Scope: An investigation of the capacity and energy efficiency of the NGL fractionation facility in Mont Belvieu, Texas. The purpose of study was to determine if the existing facility could be cost-effectively debottlenecked (without adversely affecting the energy efficiency of the facility) with a goal of increasing the throughput of the facility by 10,000 to 20,000 bpd.

Deliverables: The study was performed in two parts. The first part estimated the incremental capacity that could be achieved; the corresponding technical basis (retraying, pump additions, product treating changes, relief header changes, utility requirement, etc.); the expected energy consumption following a plant debottlenecking project (BTU/gal); and a rough estimate of cost (plus 50% / minus 20%). The second part looked at feasible energy reduction projects. The study was performed using two feed compositions. The results were used to determine the economics of a debottlenecking option and the scope of other potential projects.
Cryogenic Plant Residual Gas Compression Project
Scope: Maverick teamed with Siemens to provide engineering and design services for the balance of plant portion of the residual gas compression units for the Jose 250 Cryogenic Plant in Eastern Venezuela. Siemens is the prime contractor for the compression and turbo-machinery.

Deliverables: Maverick is providing all equipment and material pricing as well as all balance of plant engineering and design services. In collaboration with a local Venezuelan engineering firm, Maverick is providing services in-country for portions of the design scope.

Slug Catcher – Largest in the World
Scope: Gas and condensate will flow onshore to the CNOOC Deepwater Onshore terminal. This facility will include a large multi-pipe slug catcher (HARP) designated as PK-1102. The slug catcher has an overall storage capacity of 7,000 cubic meters and a gas capacity of 3,440 Nm3/day.

The Slug Catcher shall be designed in two equal sections, each capable of handling one-half the total specified gas and entrained liquid flow rates for the design flow rate. The sections are to be designed so that they can be isolated from each other for maintenance purposes.

Deliverables: Pipe supports engineering and design. Stress Analysis, 3D Piping Model design.
EPCM Gas Compression Facilities in Lake Platforms
LAMA IV, UNIGAS IV, LAGOGAS VI AND CINCOGAS VI COMPRESSION MODULE: Development of detail engineering for all engineering disciplines, procurement and construction Management for the installation of 4 gas compression modules in Lake Maracaibo. 390MMSCFD @ 1815-2515 psig.

LAGOGAS I / LAMAGAS II COM­PRESSION PLANTS: General Project Management and De­tailed Engi­neering in all disciplines (Mechanical, Civil, Elec­trical and Instru­mentation) for fully modula­rized Com­pression Plants at Maracaibo Lake. 75 MMSC­FPD @ 1640 psig and 108 MM­SCFPD @ 1831 psig

CEUTAGAS IV GAS COM­PRESSION PLANT: Project Management, Detailed Engineer­ing, Local Material Purchasing, Installa­tion, Start-up of two gas com­pres­sion units with a ca­pacity of 160 MMSCFD of natural gas associated with an oil production poten­tial of 50.000 BBPD .
TEJ Marine Terminal
TEJ marine terminal enlargement. It includes the construction of a new pier south of the existing one for ships ranging from 65000 to 150000 DWT, interconnection with the existing pier, pipelines, loading arms platform, new control building and loading – unloading facilities.

The new facilities have three loading arms, telescopic stair, firefighting system, control room, O&M areas, all the facilities for ship docking and pipelines.

The platform is connected to the shore through a 36” pipeline for crude oil and a 20” pipeline for recirculation, with 7 km underwater and 1 km on shore.

The pre-commissioning, commissioning and start up of the pipelines and all facilities were included in the scope of the service.
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