The policy statement recognizes HSE as an extremely important and integral part of its business performance, with the compliance to legal requirements seen as the minimum standard for company HSE performance. The company health, safety and environmental arrangements help to ensure that visitors, employees and sub-contractors understand the necessary HSE requirements enabling them to undertake their work efficiently and safely.


To help ONE-MEI to achieve success in health, safety and environmental issues, and to minimise risks to its engineering operations during work on the Project, each stage of the project will be carefully planned.

Planning will include the following:-
  • The identification of project specific HSE objectives and targets for their achievement within a specific period.( to be confirmed )

  • The setting of key performance standards in the key areas of employee competence, communications, co-operation and management control

  • The elimination of risks by the substitution of safer practices, premises, plant or substances wherever practicable.
  • Establishing priorities for the provision and maintenance of control measures by the use of risk assessment techniques and risk reduction measures.

Health Safety & Environmental Aspects

ONE-MEI Energy Services Ltd has established procedures and standards that help to identify and evaluate the significance of its HSE aspects. These procedures help to capture health, safety and environmental aspects which may be both direct and indirect, and capable of realization in past, present and planned conditions as well as normal, abnormal and emergency situation

Significant HSE aspects considered within the development of the Project plan includes the following: -

  • Work with metal fabrication. Work with test fluids and corrosion inhibitor
  • Exposure to moving parts of machinery
  • Work with high voltage
  • Noise, plastic fume and air borne fibres
  • Fire and explosion
  • Maintenance work
  • Exposure to stored energy –pressure testing
  • Lifting and slinging operations
  • Materials handling activities
  • Extrusion and braiding
  • vessel operation
  • Waste disposal and recycling of materials
  • Oil pollution prevention

Legal and Other Requirements

Significant Legal and Regulatory requirements appertaining to the Project are maintained through a ONE-MEI site register of HSE Legislation (reference documents SI/05/32 – Register of Environmental Legislation and SI/05/49 – Register of Health & Safety Legislation).
The register records all appropriate legislative and significant policy requirements together with codes of practice relevant to the HSE aspects of One-MEI’s activities, products and services.

Objectives and Targets

The setting of project and company HSE objectives and targets will help to ensure that the development and planning of performance standards for implementing the Project HSE plan identify the contributions from all individuals and their departments. Objectives & targets will be set at different levels to address and reflect strengths and weaknesses within the Organization. Department managers and supervisors will report formally on a quarterly basis on their overall progress and achievement.

Specific Project Goals and Objectives

During the execution of any project ONE-MEI is committed to achieving the following project specific objectives and targets:-
  • Develop and sustain an incident and injury free program throughout the design, construction, installation, commissioning and handover phase of any project.

  • Design construct and install the facilities to minimize potential risks to people living as well as working on the facilities and to minimize impact on the environment.
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