ONE-MEI recognises that the environment is a central business concern and that its hydraulic hose and steel tube umbilical manufacturing and supporting process operations, collectively, may have an impact on the environment. Accordingly, an accredited Environmental Management System has been implemented (ISO 14001).

ONE-MEI is unequivocally committed to ensuring compliance with existing and future environmental legislation and any other reliable environmental standards or best practices. ONE-MEI maintain a program of continual environmental improvement through a published Environmental Objectives and Targets plan.

These objectives seek to minimize and control the risk of pollution arising from our processes by identifying significant environmental aspects and by promoting the re-use and recycling of all materials wherever practicable.

ONE-MEI communicates its environmental commitments to all of its employees and ensures that a high standard of competency, awareness and training in environmental matters is maintained at all levels in the Organization.

In line with One-MEI’s commitment to environmental awareness and improvement, all operations that could impact upon the environment associated with the Project will be monitored and evaluated throughout the lifetime of the project.

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